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A Multitude of Options
There are endless possibilities when it comes to the personalization of your Signature Cellar.

Wall Treatments
The options are limitless. We prefer to use a glaze or waxing treatment on the walls providing a space that is visually interesting as well as virtually maintenance-free in the long term. Faux finishes also provide a wonderful reflective quality that compliment the lighting scheme as well as adding depth and dimension to the cellar. 
Floor Treatments
Floor treatments are traditionally a natural stone or ceramic tile. Again, the options are truly limitless. We have wonderful resources for any flooring option whether it be Tumbled Travertine, cork tiles, leather or even gravel if that is what the space dictates. 
Lighting Design
Lighting is one of the components that add to the ambience and beauty of the room. Some of preferred options include 4” insulated halogens, sconces, chandeliers, crown and baseboard illumination as well as track lighting. 
Counter top areas enhance the visual look of your cellar as well as offering a suitable work surface for decanting, managing inventory or simply gathering a few selections for an evening of entertaining.
Custom Entryways
From Magnificent custom-finished Iron entryways to traditional Mahogany framed glass doors we have a variety of options for making the entrance to your wine cellar something special. 

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