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A Personal Approach
The client’s collection will dictate the overall design and style of the racking system for the cellar.

We need to be cognizant of the desired bottle capacity as well as the bottle formats (i.e., Imperial, Jeroboam, Nebuchadnezzar, etc.) in the client’s portfolio. 

The Planning
The first consideration for a wine cellar is bottle capacity. Is the space that you have designated for your new cellar large enough to house your current collection as well as your long term growth? We also need to consider the formats in which the client chooses to collect (i.e., Half bottles, Champagne, wooden cases, Imperials, Magnums, etc.).

There needs to be an appropriate balance between bulk storage (Diamond bins and rectangular bins for cases) and individual storage (which includes space for standard 750 ml bottles, 375 ml bottles, 20 degree display rows, Quarter round display cabinets and vertical displays). All of these factors must be considered as well as incorporating a beautiful design and rationale for the racking system.

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