A 1,700 bottle custom wine cellar in a private home in Greenwich, CT 

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A Full Service Solution
It is our pleasure to provide a turnkey solution for all of your wine cellar needs. From concept to completion, our highly skilled team of builders, designers and technicians will ensure that the finished product is just as you had envisioned.

On Site Consultation
Allow us to review the spaces that you are considering for a custom wine cellar. Whether it is a pre-existing area or a raw space that will require full preparation.
Room Preparation
Long term wine storage requires an ideal environment for the proper maturation of your collection. Optimum conditions range from 53-57 degrees with a relative humidity level above 50%. To achieve these levels all spaces must be properly insulated and vapor sealed 
Our construction services include room preparation, masonry, tile, licensed HVAC installation as well as electrical. Every aspect of the construction of your new Signature Wine Cellar can be accomplished by one of our highly skilled and trained staff. 
Temperature Control
Our preferred temperature / humidity control unit is a remote style system that offers quiet and efficient condition maintenance. These units do not require venting and have exterior condensing units available for any application. we also offer ducted systems (for very large areas) as well as traditional “through-the-wall” units for smaller spaces. 
Racking Design
The first consideration for a wine cellar is bottle capacity. Is the space that you have designated for your new cellar large enough to house your current collection as well as your long term growth? 
Accents & Entryways
Signature offers many elegant options to customize your cellar to your specific taste.

Our Custom Entryways and Cellar Accents will make your Signature cellar as unique as you.

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